The Organizer

Hi to all! And Welcome to my intro page on the Hi-Sci-Fi Society. Have you ever found yourself in good company but due to failures in communication — not that you have any negative feelings towards acquaintances and loved ones — you still felt that you wished you could find someone who understood what you wanted to say, or who knew some things in common with what you know, or at least had an interest in matters that the average person simply finds too esoteric to bother with. Having failed to find such mind-mates for much of my life, I am setting up the HSF Society with the hope of connecting with some who have a high measure of intelligence and imagination and would like to meet similar people.

Not a great photo, I know, but I don’t have any really good ones.

My name is Glenn Lazar Roberts. My background: I acquired a degree in Cultural Anthropology (specialty Middle East Archeology and history of religions) and almost also completed degrees in business and geology. I then obtained a Master’s degree in Russian-Islamic relations (including a formal degree-equivalent in modern Russian history plus years of instruction in Islamic History), and a law degree which I used in International Law & Immigration Law. I have translated both Russian and Arabic professionally (written translation). I have also read (long ago) Hebrew, classical Greek, French, Spanish, and (we’re really reaching back now) Esperanto. At UCLA I was reading the Old Testament in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek, and the Quran in Arabic. I am intoxicated by words — I am perpetually floating on a sea of script.

I have written 9 novels, both formally published and self-published. The latter are perhaps my most imaginative, pushing the limits of English language in wild torrents, which is likely why they were hard to formally publish. And 4 “faction” books, 3 are publications of my college theses. Click here for my books. I spend my time reading books in Arabic, learning shorthand in English, and playing loud electric guitar. There exists also shorthand in Russian, maybe one day I will have a chance to learn it.

My GRE Verbal was 99.9 percentile, translating to 146 IQ on the Wechsler scale and 149 IQ on the Stanford-Binet scale, if you buy all this IQ stuff. Didn’t quite get 150, but who the heck cares? GRE Verbal + Math was 99.895 percentile, at least that’s what the charts say, and who am I to argue? I have also been a member of Mensa off and on for 30 years. Pretty good, I suppose, for a high-school dropout.