Find your test among the following and see if your score falls on or above the stated scores. The following scores translate as 99.5% general population.

Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale                                 141 IQ
Wechsler Intelligence Scale (any form)                      139 IQ
ACT                                                                                       32
SAT Reading or English                                                    97th Percentile
GRE Verbal, any year                                                        95th Percentile
Miller Analogies Test                                                        75 RAW
LSAT (June 1991+)                                                              174
GMAT/ATGSB                                                                      701 AVG
Cerebral Cognitive Abilities Test                                   99.5th Percentile
Cooijmans Intelligence Test                                           99.5th Percentile
G-Test                                                                                  99.5th Percentile
Tests For Genius                                                                99.5th Percentile

Other tests accepted at the 99.5% accomplishment level:

LSHR, LSHR Light, LSHR Classic, Numerus, Numerus Light, Numerus Classic, Triplex, Triplex Light, Einplex, HI-Qlass, FREE Fall, Elementary, Simtollect, LS36, LS24, AGLT, SLSE I, SLSE II, EMC-30R

(Sorry, honorary degrees don’t qualify. Membership in Mensa or other Hi IQ orgs also don’t qualify as I can’t take the time to do a proper investigation of each org.)

Useful charts:
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