Welcome to the High IQ Science Fiction Society (This is under construction! Please be patient!)
Prerequisite: 99.5 IQ percentile

You must score at or above the 99.5 percentile IQ equivalent score on any of the tests listed on the Tests Page. Plus you must have published some form of science-fiction style prose or poetry at any time in your life.

The term science-fiction is very broad. I will make it broader. Any type of fantasy or barbarian or thriller or even detective fiction will qualify provided it has some what-if element that cannot be found in actual daily life, something that triggers the imagination for what-could-be. The language need not be English, any language will qualify, provided I or another member can read it.

For membership: Email me [glenn a|T hi sc ifi DoT or\g] proof of your scores and a link to your publication(s) or other clear evidence that your work was published. If you self-published your work, not to worry, sometimes the best minds self-publish, but I need to see an ISBN and a link to your work. I hope to provide a link soon of famous books that were self-published. You will likely be surprised. It was once common for great minds to self-publish, and still happens on occasion.

When your evidence is accepted — and please be patient as I do have a life besides this — I will email you notice that you can setup your Username and Password to join this site as an active Contributor. Currently there is no Facebook group or any other social platform aside from this website, though that could change if enough members desire such.

I almost forgot. There is another requirement to join: you must read and post a review on a major website of any one published book of any other member of HSF. The book need not be purchased and does not need to be one of mine.